Avoid Painful Injuries

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Avoid Painful Injuries with Exercise that Strengthens and Stretches

If you were ever an athlete, I am sure you have heard the term or experienced a “pulled groin”. This injury is extremely common in any sport or activity that involves a sudden change of direction. The groin is a generalized term used to describe the adductor muscles which make up the inside of the thigh. When this muscle group is injured, it can cause a cascade of other issues and painful injuries. When the groin is injured, it can lead to an altered gait, muscle firing patterns and obviously pain. This disruption can lead to hip problems, knee problems, or back problems. This is due to compensation that occurs in these muscles to try to overpower the injured group. There are a variety of things that can mitigate injury and aid in prevention. Muscle flexibility, strength and overall architecture serve as the foundation for the likelihood of injury. The best prevention is through addressing these areas.


There was a study done that shows the benefits of Copenhagen adduction exercises and its effects on muscle architecture and flexibility. In this study they found that this adduction exercise increased muscle thickness while simultaneously improving flexibility. This indicates that this exercise is a suitable way to address muscle strength and flexibility to aid with injury prevention. The adductors are a weak spot in many individuals and can further contribute to hip, knee, or back pain. If you notice weakness in these muscle groups, or have had this injury in the past, or find yourself nursing a groin injury currently, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


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