Bacteria and Gut Health

In the last decade or so, the importance of bacteria found in the human gut has exploded in the research.  In this video I breakdown one of the reviews of the medical literature to help people understand just how vital these “bugs” and what we are feeding them are to the human species.  The truth is, these bacteria are a huge benefit to us and we provide them with an ideal environment to grow, produce and evolve.  This is what we call a symbiotic relationship.  Without this bacteria, we would die.  That’s right I said die if we got to 0 bacteria.  These “good bacteria” are very protective to us.

We have 100 times more bacterial cells than the other cells in our body combined.  This number is actually 1/10000th less than our stone age ancestors.  So what do they do?  The list is endless of positive functions these bacteria serve for their human host.  In the video this research article gets into the benefits on reducing inflammation, supporting and strengthening the immune system and aiding in the digestion and breakdown of our food intake.

The biggest roll to me is the regulation of the immune response in decreasing the chronic inflammation in our bodies.  These bacteria signal to other parts of the body to do this.  Our gut has its own nervous system which creates the brain-gut connection.  This connection does not happen without the bacteria controlling the signaling.  So the next time you get a “gut feeling” you can think of the bacteria and the fact they are doing their jobs.  Make sure you watch the video closely and re-watch if needed.  As always, you can reach out to me personally or any of the doctors in the clinics to get any questions answered.  Enjoy The 12 Minutes to Health.

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