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Be Kind to Stay Healthy!

Shared by Dr. Travis Downs

Be Kind to Stay Healthy!

Be Kind It pays off…… Literally

We are always going to have stress in our lives and when we adjust people you can definitely feel where every patient carries their stress. Getting rid of stress is never going to happen, but the better we manage it the less it will affect us. The way we think plays a big role in our stress levels and we need to make sure we stay positive in our thinking.  Being kind is one of the ways we can work on being positive and decrease our stress. Most people don’t realize the power of being kind and how it will not only affect us in a positive way but others as well. Here are some quotes on how kindness will keep you healthier.

Kindness reduces anxiety:

Socially anxious participants who engaged in acts of kindness for four weeks showed a decrease in social avoidance goals.

Nice guys finish first:

Across three experiments,

in a social dilemma game where participants could either benefit themselves or their group, the most altruistic members gained the highest status in their group. The authors reported: ‘Our findings unequivocally show that altruistic group members received more status. They were more respected, held in higher esteem, and were more likely to be chosen as group leaders.

Empathy reduces the common cold:

In a randomized-controlled trial, patients who rated their clinicians as showing greater empathy had reduced common-cold severity and duration and increases in immune response levels.

Giving time gives you more time:

Participants in a study spent their time writing and mailing a letter to a gravely ill child. Later that day, they perceived they had more time to themselves than did controls.

Spending on others is good for your heart:

Participants with high blood pressure were randomly assigned to spend payments on themselves or on other people. Those who spent money on others exhibited decreased blood pressure over the course of the study. The magnitude of the effect was comparable to antihypertensive medication or exercise.

Choosing kindness will go a long way to help keep you healthy, so go make some people smile!


Kindness – society’s golden chain?

            Lee Rowland


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