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Benefits of Positive Thinking

Shared by Dr. Travis Downs

Benefits of Positive Thinking

“As you think, so shall you be.” This is a very simple yet powerful quote from Wayne Dyer and other teachers about the power of thought. The more positive we think with our minds the better our bodies will function. There is also the negative side to that. In today’s world we are constantly being bombarded with negative content from television, social media, and the news. Constantly being around this negative content makes us start to think in a very negative way. When we have these negative thoughts, our bodies will start to function in a negative way. This can lead to tense muscles, pain, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, coronary artery disease etc. In fact the research shows, “positive well-being was associated with nearly a third reduction in Coronary Artery Disease in a high-risk population with family history, a nearly 50% reduction in incident Coronary Artery Disease in the highest risk stratum in those with family history, and a 13% reduction in incident Coronary Artery Disease in a national probability sample, independent of traditional Coronary Artery Disease risk factors.” Thinking positive sometimes is easier said than done, but it’s just like a muscle, you have to keep training it and it will get easier and easier. One of the easiest things to do is mentally go through your day while laying in bed and think of three things you were grateful for that day. The more you do this you will start to retrain your brain to see the positives in the little things in life. This will lower your stress and overall make you feel and function better.


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