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Golf is the sport you can have a love hate relationship with because it can be very challenging, rewarding, and frustrating all at the same time. As much as we love the sport of golf it has its challenges on the body as well. One of the most common sports injuries we see in the office is low back pain from playing golf. To avoid low back pain, watch this video with Best Golfers Warm Up!  The evidence from the research shows:


  • “Low back pain is a very common musculoskeletal problem affecting golfers of all ages (22, 23) and skill levels (24, 25).”
  • “Epidemiological studies have shown that low back conditions account for approximately 25% of all golf injuries (18, 25, 26) although incidence rates of between 18.2% (27) to as high as 54% (28) have been reported.”
  • “Cabri and colleagues (9), in their review of golf-related injuries, reported that injury to the lower back represented the most common musculoskeletal complaint experienced by both amateur and professional golf players.”
  • “Meanwhile, in a survey of 196 golfers just taking up the sport, Burdorf, Van Der Steenhoven, Tromp-Klaren (29) reported that while 25% suffered back pain during the one year study period, the vast majority of these participants did not feel that golf was the cause of their LBP. The authors concluded that golf could aggravate pre-existing back pain due to the forceful nature of the movements associated with playing and practicing.”


It is evident from the above epidemiological information that LBP is a common complaint amongst golfers. The specific causes are likely multi-factorial and include biomechanical elements, equipment aspects, the methods used to transport clubs and possibly the fact that golf may irritate pre-existing lower back conditions as participants play and practice more.

Try this Best Golfers Warm Up to avoid Low Back pain or Injury. If you are golfer with low back pain(which we know there are a lot of you) or you just like to continue to play come see us and we will help you keep swinging!


  • Golf-Related Low Back Pain: A Review of Causative Factors and Prevention Strategies

David M. Lindsay1,* and Anthony A. Vandervoort2

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