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Kale Chips Best Healthy Snack Recipe

Recipe shared by Dr. Bryan Stephens

Best Healthy Snack

One of the hardest things can be finding the best, quick snack to curb a craving that is also healthy.  There are always the options of getting a piece of fruit or a raw vegetable, but sometimes I want something a bit different.  I know many people will reach for chips or candy to get their fix, but the amount of inflammation and the lasting effects to your body from these highly processed and sugary foods can be devastating.  While most know that chips aren’t good for us, they don’t know how bad they are. Fried potato chips have acrylamide in them which is known to cause cancer as well as kill your nerves.  Potato chips now, cancer later.

Choose Kale For the Best Healthy Snack!

This is where kale chips come in.  Along with being a healthy alternative to the acrylamide, kale increases your dietary fiber along with containing a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Multiple studies show the importance of having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In fact, one such study also found that a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and fiber lowered the risk of colorectal cancer, while a diet rich in fiber reduces the risk of liver cancer.  Another great factor is you can doctor them up with the seasonings you want.  I included a simple recipe here with only 3 ingredients, but feel free to experiment and explore other tastes!

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Our Message

Here at Texas Chiro Health of Lakewood, located near the corner of Mockingbird Ln. and Abrams Rd., we strive to educate our patients the 3 factors of health which is the way we eat, the way we move, and the way we manage stress. When these 3 factors are not considered it proven that it will start to create inflammation within the body. It is imperative that we find ways to bring ourselves out of inflammation and back to a state of homeostasis. This recipe can help so give it a try and enjoy its anti-inflammatory benefits.