Stretch for Wrist Pain

Video by Dr. Tim Dunn

Here at the Chiro Health team, we love to stay active and that often involves activities that lead to tight muscles. I personally love to Rock Climb to stay active and this often leads to tight forearms. Tight forearms can cause other issues like wrist pain, golfers and tennis elbow, pain in the elbows, so it’s important to make sure to stretch them out when you can. It is also important to work the opposition muscles from the ones that are tight to create balance in the forearms as well.

In a research article by S.-A. Sölveborn, they showed that a group of people suffering from pain in the elbow and forearms benefited from stretching significantly more than people who just used an upper forearm stabilizing band to help the pain.

Quotes From Research Article

“The 94 stretching-treated patients were instructed to perform home exercises twice daily, but were also treated at six physiotherapist sessions the first month. The other 91 patients were told to use a prescribed proximal forearm band in daily activities as much as possible.”

“Both treatments were successful with a continuous symptom reduction, but the outcome was statistically significant in favour of stretching at all follow-ups

“Practically all measured range-of-motions were restricted in both groups before treatment and did increase with stretching during the follow-up period, while the various changes in the forearm band group were statistically non-significant.”

In summary, this article shows us stretching the forearms properly can help us to relieve pain and improve range of motion in the arms and wrists. Add forearm stretching exercises to your weekly exercise regimen and feel the results yourself. There are ways we can move our bodies better, at our Chiro Health clinics we focus on restoring proper posture and getting people moving the way they should. Come into our clinics to learn more on how we can help you get out of pain!



Sölveborn, S.A. (1997), Radial epicondylalgia (‘tennis elbow’): treatment with stretching or forearm band. A prospective study with long-term follow-up including range-of-motion measurements. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 7: 229-237.


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