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Best Green Drink Recipe to Stay Hydrated

Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens

Got Water?

When it comes to what we need to drink, water is the best answer.  It is the only thing that we as a species are required to drink.  Everything else is based on flavor and other benefits that we are trying to gain from our drinks.  Take this smoothie for example. I love the hydration benefits we get from the coconut water (natural electrolytes and potassium) and watermelon (98% water!), but also use it as an opportunity to add in servings of fruits and vegetables to increase our other vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.  I personally like the tropical taste I get with the coconut, watermelon, and pineapple flavors.  And for those with a sweet tooth or those that have children with a sweet tooth, it becomes a great way to get a sweet treat without the processed sugars that are too often the go to drink in our society. And helps you Stay Hydrated!

My patients come in frequently dehydrated and with 75 percent of Americans dehydrated on a regular basis, they are not alone.  We don’t drink as much water as we think throughout the day and it can create more problems with how our body functions.  One of the common results of dehydration is fatigue.  In fact, a recent study of young adults found an association between dehydration and fatigue, whether they were sedentary or exercising moderately.

Another factor towards our dehydration is that we also gravitate towards drinks that act against our ability to retain water.  These drinks are called diuretics.  Common diuretics include coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol.  So even when we are drinking fluids, it is also the kind of fluid that is important. Next time you find yourself outside in the garden, exercising, or doing any number of things that makes you sweat, mix one of these smoothies in with your daily water intake and enjoy!

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