Avoid Pain and Boost Your Omegas 3’s with Wild Game

Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile
Boost Your Omegas 3's

Boost Your Omegas 3’s with Venison Carnitas

I love this recipe because it helps to avoid pain and boost your omegas 3’s. It works well with many different kinds of wild game or beef. It is a great way to use those tougher cuts of meat because it is cooked slow and allows the meat to fall apart when it is done. This is a great crowd pleaser as well because people can mix different toppings to get the perfect carnitas that fits their palette.

I like cooking with wild game because it is usually higher in Omega 3’s. I say usually because it depends on what the wild game is eating and what habitat it is living in. A deer grazing on GMO soybean and corn will not be as healthy or as high in Omega 3’s compared to a deer living off grasses and other foods from the forest floor.

Most people do not get enough omega 3’s in their diet because the way our food is produced. So, incorporating wild game and grass fed/finished beef to a diet is one of the 3 factors that keeps us out of inflammation and in homeostasis. Remember it is important to also exercise daily, manage stress and keep the spine healthy with regular chiropractic adjustments.

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