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Childhood Stress and Early Death

Video by Dr. Chris Phillips


Does childhood stress lead to an early death?

The study in this 12 Minutes to Health shows us a couple of things.  First, what we experience as children plays a significant role in the habits we create which can lead to chronic disease and premature death.  Our modern healthcare system is not set up to assess our lifestyle choices when examining health issues, neither is it effective at determining where a patient symptom’s originated. These two factors give treating physicians less of a chance at correcting negative symptoms from a causal observation point.  This study is not a final determination that these kids who are exposed to negative behaviors and experiences will definitely be sick and die early, but it is a strong representation that we need to pay attention to lifestyle choices at an early age and how these habits are being created while asking ourselves how do we focus on making the healthy choices.  It also shows us we need to be more holistic in our approach from an early age and look at patients not just for their symptoms but instead as an entire ecosystem that has a lot of moving parts that need to remain in balance.  Let’s look at the lifestyle choices of each person and the corrections of those causes, which resulted in ill health.  

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