Decrease Back and Neck Pain

Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens

An ongoing problem for our society is battling the constant sitting and leaning forward that happens on an everyday basis.  This lack of motion and altered posture adds to the cause of low back pain and neck pain.  Looking at phones, driving, reading, working on computers, and lounging all put us in a hunched posture where we over stretch our back extensor muscles and tighten our front flexor muscles.  We work with patients everyday on strengthening the postural muscles to return to a normal posture and get out of the pains caused by lack of motion and improper movements.

One such exercise is a movement, or series of movements, called dynamic blackburn exercises.  In these exercises, the focus is on the upper, middle and lower trapezius, serratus anterior, rhomboid, deltoid, infraspinatus, teres major, and teres minor muscles.  By strengthening the rotator cuff and the upper back muscles, the body posture becomes more upright, and the shoulders are pulled backwards.  This fights the overall hunch that occurs from the activities I mentioned earlier.

The postural orientation of [chronic low back pain] patients was significantly improved by the therapeutic exercise program. The applied exercise therapy significantly reduced both the pain and the disability of the patients.”

Farahpour, N., and Marvi Esfahani. “Postural deviations from chronic low back pain and correction through exercise therapy.” Tehran University of Medical Sciences Journal 65.2 (2008): 69-77.

The exercise is performed while laying face down with arms to the side.  Bring your arms palm up to your lower back and then bring them all the way out to the side and above your head, rotating your hands to be thumbs up as you move your arms.  Once there, bring them back to your lower back by reversing the order.  By adding this to your workouts, you can attack the altered posture built by everyday life and activities.

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