Hip Mobility for Low Back Pain

Video by Dr. Justin Thompson

As chiropractors, we impact issues that can stem beyond pain. One of the more common data points we use throughout the assessment and care protocols is range of motion. Every joint in our body is supposed to go through full, resisted, and active ranges of motion to be functioning properly. This is Hilton’s law! You hear our doctors stress the importance of this to every one of our patients. Yes, it is that important, motion is life! There are countless studies that explore the relationship between various joint ranges of motion and pain and overall functionality. The research outlined below explores the relationships between hip mobility and pain. This month’s move well video is about different ways we can work on our hip mobility at home!


Mobility of hips and lumbar spine were measured in 301 men and 175 women who were in employment but suffered from chronic or recurrent low-back pain. The degree of low-back pain (LBP) was assessed with a questionnaire. Hip flexion, extension, internal rotation, and hamstring flexibility in the men, and hip flexion and extension in the women had statistically significant negative correlations with LBP. Among the correlations between hip and lumbar spinal mobility, hip flexion and extension with lumbar rotation were strongest.


Give this a try and let us know how it goes. Movement is only one piece of the puzzle so if you want more answers, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help!


Research Referenced

Mellin, G. (1988). Correlations of hip mobility with degree of back pain and lumbar spinal mobility in chronic low-back pain patients. Spine, 01 June 1988, 13(6):668-670. PMID: 2972070.


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