Decrease Shoulder Pain

Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens

As a Chiropractor I am constantly looking for ways to decrease back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain. We are all vulnerable to aches and pains.  If we aren’t aware of our movement, our food, and our stress, we can become more prone to these issues popping up, but life still happens.  I say “we” because I recently woke with shoulder pain myself and have had to restore movement after a bad night’s sleep.  In a completely unrelated matter, if you are ever forced to share a bed with children, it might be safer to sleep on the floor.  Anyway, sleeping in an awkward position all night caused me to wake up with shoulder pain.  I have since been keeping up with the same principles I mentioned earlier: eating, moving, and thinking better.

Many of my morning workouts have revolved around shoulder movement and restoring full motion to alleviate the pain and stabilize the issue.  One such exercise focuses on shoulder circles while performing traction or holding weights.  This allows the shoulder to go through wider arcs of movement while stretching the muscles and keeping them from pinching.  It does not take much weight to stretch the muscle.  I have been using five pound weights myself for this exercise as a warmup.  It’s a nice way to bring blood flow to the shoulder which brings needed oxygen to decrease the spasm as well as nutrients to aid with the healing.

This exercise along with the focus on lowering inflammation from my diet and my stress has helped me significantly in reducing the pain and allows me more range of motion and strength.  Even when the fluke injuries and pains happen, fall back on movement, nutrition, and managing your stress and you can move through it quicker.



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