Eating well can be a hard thing to do sometimes.  There are so many people who tell you so many different things.  “Go vegan, be a vegetarian, no carbs, gluten free…” At Texas Chiro Health it is our goal to educate our patients on how to eat right for the Human species.  We evolved as a species and ate a certain way for a reason.  We will give you the best research on how to eat in a way that is congruent with our species for optimal health.

Fiber to Decrease Inflammation

Fiber to Decrease Inflammation That Causes Back Pain

Fiber to Decrease Inflammation Dr. Trent Yeomans As a Chiropractor in East Dallas, my goal is to help people with back pain not only through the adjustment and exercise but by educating on how to decreased inflammation through nutrition. The importance of dietary fiber to decrease inflammation

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Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Dates

Chiropractor Shares the Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Dates

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Dates Shared by Dr. Tanner Tunsky Almost everybody has a sweet tooth, but having a sweet tooth almost always leads to poor decisions when you reach for something to fill that craving. As Chiropractors, near Lakewood in East Dallas, our mission is getting your

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Strawberries to Lower Inflammation

Green Smoothie with Strawberries to Lower Inflammation

Strawberries to Lower Inflammation Video by Dr. Antonio Flaquer Everybody loves a good green smoothie, but what’s in it is the important thing. As a chiropractor in East Dallas, I love sharing tips to help people keep the back and neck pain away.  Each week I make

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Omega-3 to Decrease Inflammation

Chia Pudding with Omega-3 to Decrease Inflammation

Omega-3 to Decrease Inflammation Shared by Dr. Trenton Yeomans Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, and for good reason. It provides the body with essential nutrients, like Omega 3 and energy to start the day off right and decrease inflammation.

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Probiotics for Gut Health

Chiropractor Reviews Research on Probiotics for Gut Health

St. Louis Park Chiropractor Best Practices Research Commentary; Probiotics for Gut Health A review ofMazziotta C, Tognon M, Martini F, Torreggiani E, Rotondo JC. Probiotics Mechanism of Action on Immune Cells and Beneficial Effects on Human Health. Cells. 2023 Jan 2;12(1):184. doi: 10.3390/cells12010184. PMID: 36611977; PMCID: PMC9818925.Reviewed

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Nutrition to Limit Neck and Back Pain

How Nutrition Helps Limit Neck and Back Pain

Nutrition to Limit Neck and Back Pain Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens As a Chiropractor in East Dallas, my job is to help people move better by helping them with neck and back pain. Nutrition plays a big part, as well, in limiting neck and back pain.

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Eat Well June 16, 2020