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Exercise Outside!

Video by Dr. Travis Downs

Let’s go hit the gym is what most people say when they think of exercise. That might be the only practical option during the cold, snowy winter months, or during the blistering heat of summer that always starts early here in Texas. But there is a lot of research that shows that taking you exercise outside is better for you mentally and physically.


“During self-paced walking outdoors, individuals walk faster and work harder, but report lower perceived exertion compared to indoors treadmill-based walking.” (1)


“working out in a climate-controlled environment does not supply the same stress to your body as working out in an environment that has high (or cold) temperatures and changing terrain which affects gait”(2).

“road runners burn more calories when running at the same speed than treadmill runners, mainly because of the wind resistance they encounter”(3).


“Movement outdoors is intrinsically tied to our humanity. For 99% of human history, not only have we lived off the land and sought nature for basic survival and health, but also for pleasure and physical activity too”(4)

I challenge you to get a 30 min walk in a day and see how you feel physical and mentally. So, lets get out there and move and exercise outside and keep increasing our health!

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