Destress with Family Game Night

Dr. Bryan Stephens

Family Game Night

As the weeks get crazy, my wife and I continue to search for ways for to secure family time.  We look for different ways to keep our girls entertained and engaged without just putting them in front of the tv with movies and shows.  We have continued to find some of our best times when we are focused on play.  We like to have a lot of fun.  I don’t know if you have kids or have ever seen Rise of the Guardians, but there is something in it that has stuck with me.  They talk about finding your center, or your purpose for helping.  One of the characters discovers that their center is fun.  My girls loved that movie, and that line has stuck with me ever since.  Since then, my wife and I look for ways to keep things fun while we are all together.  We have incorporated family game night during the week to keep things fun and stay connected while the craziness of the week occasionally tries to pull our attention away.

Our game nights are not a set night or a set game.  I know it is best to schedule things like this out so we can all look forward to it, but sometimes our 4 year old gets a little tired and we have to call an audible.  The games usually range from various board and card games to the occasional video game.  I say this last one because it is a more recent enjoyment with our girls.  Some of the best fun my wife and I have found is watching the girls battle it out for 1st place while playing Mario Kart.  I never would have guessed that Mario would help teach my oldest the concept of sportsmanship, but she says, “good game” and shakes hands after every race!

Regardless of whether you lean towards board games, card games, dice, dominoes, video games, charades, karaoke, etc., make sure you leave some time during your week for a little fun.  It can help battle the stresses of the week and allow you to tackle those stresses with a bit of a smile on your face.


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