Fight Allergies and Asthma

with Probiotics

Video by Dr. Chris Phillips

Probiotic Bacteria to Help with Allergies and Asthma!

Probiotic bacteria are an essential nutrient that we must have in our body.  What that means is that we cannot truly be healthy without them and we can’t get enough of them without adding them through supplementation.  This didn’t used to be a problem for people but in today’s environment we struggle to reach appropriate levels of bacteria to maintain health.  Our food is a lot of the times genetically modified to be resistant to bacteria, our water is chlorinated, and everything seems to be over sterilized.

One of the main functions of bacteria mentioned in this study are how they support a healthy immune system.  Without the correct bacteria in the right amounts, our immune system cannot function at its best.  This research review talk does a great job of looking at the bacteria levels and the effects on allergies and asthma.  What it finds is the less probiotic bacteria we have, the more susceptible we are to allergies and asthma.

Children who are born by way of C-section have a much higher rate of allergies and asthma than those born through the birthing canal.  A big reason for this is the number of bacteria that these kids miss out on by being delivered through a C-section.  They are at a disadvantage from the start.  The bacteria found in the birthing canal is vital to jump starting the immune system of a child.

Ultimately, the health of our gut is a direct reflection of our overall health.  If we don’t support our gut with the proper bacteria, we will suffer from chronic inflammation, leaky gut, allergies, asthma, etc.  Watch the video to find out more about what the research has to say about probiotic bacteria and the role that they play in a healthy immune system.

McLoughlin, Phd. and Mills, phd. 

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