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Get Up and Move!

Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens

I found myself sitting more these past few days as I have been stuck at a computer recently.  Where this is not a normal occurrence for me, I know much of our society is doing more work at computers and at home these days.  This became even more common with the pandemic last year.  We need to Get Up and Move! Most of our daily lives now revolve around zoom calls, computer work, phone call meetings and various other forms of technological connections.  And with our shift from businesses to home, we have even lost the ergonomical advantage we had if we were stuck sitting for long periods of time.  This means it is even more important to our posture, and our health as a whole, to make time for strengthening up the intrinsic muscles of our neck and back.  These muscles are responsible for much of the endurance needed to keep us upright and help disperse the forces of gravity throughout our body.  When these muscles become weak or stiff due to inactivity, we create inflammation in our joints.  This inflammation is the source for much of our soreness, stiffness, tingling, aches, sharp and shooting pains, numbness, etc.  Along with those symptoms, when the inflammation is present for chronic periods of time, it begins to cause more rapid degeneration of our joints and cells.  This degeneration comes in many forms.  Arthritis, cancer, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease are the usual suspects.  You’ll see that the list of diseases also happen to be the most common killers in the US.

Coincidence? Absolutely not!!

It is up to us to decide how healthy we want to be.  Move more, eat better, and manage your stress to curb the excess inflammation that is created when we treat our bodies incorrectly and you will find not only more years to your life, but maybe, more importantly, life to your years.

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