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Gluten Free for Leaky Gut!

Recipe by Dr. Anthony Vasile

Gluten Free for Leaky Gut!



Roasted Spaghetti Squash

Gluten free has become a buzz word in the health industry over the past few years. Where did this come from? Growing up I never heard this term. This started making me think why and what is causing this to happen? Are we just finding out that most people have an intolerance to gluten or are there other things in the environment that are causing this to happen? So, I started researching and looking into potential causes for this rise in gluten free consumers and why so many people are sensitive to it now. The research led me to the term leaky gut. What is a cause of leaky gut? What I found absolutely blew my mind.

I learned that when most commercial farmers grow wheat, they spray roundup on the crops before harvest to dry them. I thought roundup was a weed killer, so this surprised me. But in truth roundup is actually patented as an antibiotic. The combination of gluten and round-up leads to the destruction of something called tight junctions within our small intestines. When these tight junctions are destroyed it can lead to leaky gut. So, the question is, is it the gluten, is it the wheat or is it the combination of the two that has caused such a drastic rise in gluten sensitive and gluten free consumers in the past decade?

As an Italian and lover of Italian food it is difficult for me not to eat spaghetti. I grew up eating it and it is a comfort food for me, but certain types of spaghetti, especially non-organic spaghetti upsets my gut. So, I worked on some alternative recipes that are much healthier for my gut and overall health. I wanted to share one of them with you today. It is simple and delicious while curbing the craving for the real thing.

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