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Golf and Chiropractic Part II

Video by Dr. Travis Downs

Besides low back pain in golfers, the other main injuries we see are with extremities in our golfers at the office. Elbows, shoulders, and wrist are the most common ones because of the repetitive motion of the golf swing.

  • “Elbow injuries are common in golfers, especially in amateurs and particularly in females. This is thought to be due to the increased carrying angle seen in the female population [3]. Elbow injuries account for 25–33% of all injuries in amateurs and 7–10% of all injuries in professionals. Ironically, lateral elbow injuries are more common, at a rate of 5:1 when compared to medial elbow injuries (including the so-called Golfer’s elbow) [2].”


  • “Shoulder pain in golfers is a relatively common occurrence compared to other sites of the body, accounting for approximately 8–18% of all golf injuries [1–4].”


  • “The wrist is one of the most common sites of injury in golfers [3, 4]. The wrist accounts for 13–20% of all injuries in amateurs and 20–27% of all injuries in professionals in golf injury epidemiology studies [1–4]”

To prevent these injuries and keep yourself on the course we always need to make sure we are taking care of our bodies. If not, then Hilton’s Law will take affect and injuries, aches, and pains will start to happen more and your golf game will be effected. Getting an examination and a spinal health assessment is your first line of defense against this happening is making sure your body is functioning properly. Once we have your spine and extremities moving properly, we need to make sure you strengthen to hold the joints in that alignment. Also, you need to make sure are warming up and stretching before your round and do a cool down stretching afterwards. That’s how Golf and Chiropractic work together to improve your swing!


  • Golf and upper limb injuries: a summary and review of the literature

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