Green Smoothies to Reduce Inflammation

Video by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

All of the patients who come into the clinic are in pain and another name for that is inflammation. One of the three big things we talk about is making sure we are putting the right things into our bodies. Eating well is one of the biggest components for your health and green smoothies are an easy way to stay healthy while reducing inflammation and limiting pain. If you only eat pizzas and burgers all of your life, then you can expect to feel and maybe even look like a burger even if you exercise. If you are someone who constantly goes to the gym and is trying to get fit but doesn’t put the right nutrition and protein into your body, not only will you not see the difference and the hard work you’ve put in you’ll also feel it as well. Inflammation is a leading cause for so many chronic diseases out there, so why not make it a priority for what we put into our bodies. Help reduce inflammation so our bodies can do what it was made to do. Bananas are rich with good nutrients and most people believe their main purpose is to help with cramps. Now, although they are rich with potassium and help with muscle cramps, they are actually rich with antioxidants which is another name for anti-inflammatory. They are also really good for your gut health and help the digestion process. This is essential for the main reason of making sure the toxins don’t stay within the digestive system. Now, I’m not saying bananas is the only thing you need to eat to help with your digestive system, it does help but so does a good probiotic which is very essential for out gut health. You have probably heard of a term called “leaky gut” which is associated with the cell’s walls in the gut flora. These walls become weak and allow bacteria and toxins to pass through causing the body to undergo even more inflammation, therefore a good probiotic strengthens those walls to prevent that from happening. I always say getting adjusted is key and essential for you and your lifestyle, but it really does come down to eat well, move well, and think well to live a healthy lifestyle. So always being cognizant of what it is you are putting into your bodies. Here is some information about the benefits of bananas.


“Banana is considered as one of the most important antioxidant rich foods. A substance functions as an antioxidant if it can delay, retard or prevent the oxidation or free radical mediated oxidation of a substrate when present in low concentrations, leading to the formation of stable radicals after scavenging.”

“Banana is a ready to eat and a most affordable fruit for human consumption, which works to build good health, due to its immense nutritional and medicinal value.”

  • 1 organic banana
  • Handful of organic frozen spinach
  • Handful of organic pineapples
  • Handful of organic mangos
  • 2 capsules of Omega A-D
  • 1 capsule of probiotics

“Singh, B., Singh, J. P., Kaur, A., & Singh, N. (2016). Bioactive compounds in banana and their associated health benefits – A Review. Food Chemistry, 206, 1–11.


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