Hip Mobility and Low Back Pain

Video by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

One of the biggest issue I see in my East Dallas patients with low back pain is that they have poor hip mobility. As we get older all of our muscles can become tighter if we don’t keep up with our exercises and stretches. Hip mobility is so important in today’s world because the percentage of people who sit at a desk now and work on a computer for 10+ hours is much higher than years ago. This means that the majority of people who take the time to get up and move or do any form of exercise is less, therefore they can start experiencing low back, upper back, and even neck pain. Our hips play a big role with overall mobility such as walking, running, even going up and down the stairs or getting out of a chair at dinner. People don’t realize this, but your hips are very important to keep up with in order to maximize your overall mobility. This 90/90 exercise is an easy exercise you can do anywhere. This is one of the exercises that focus on circumduction of the hip joint, making sure it reaches it’s full range of motion. I have patients do 15 reps on each side to get them nice and warmed up. 

A little test for you to try and see for yourself is try doing a deep squat beforehand, and then do this stretch and squat after and you’ll notice you’ll be able to get a lot deeper in your squat. This is because you’ve warmed up and brought blood flow to certain muscles within the hip joint which allows more mobility. Now, this is not a stretch that will magically take care of your low back pain and you’ll be all good to go. This is just a tool for you to utilize to help increase your mobility overall. But stretching the muscle without doing resistance exercises and adjustments, will only help so much. The skeletal system (our bones and joints), and our musculature system worked together. We can’t do one or the other, we need to focus on both. So, don’t put it off and get it checked out if it’s something that’s stopping you from doing what you love to do.


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