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Lamb Chop Recipe

Shared by Dr. Bryan Stephens

Lamb Chop Recipe

There was a show that my sisters watched when we were growing up.  It was with a few hand puppets and one of them was a sock puppet named lamb chop.  They went on lots of adventures and sang many songs.  I am sure it was a great show for my sisters, but it became quite annoying to me listening to the same thing over and over and over…and over again.  I understand it now that I am a parent, but at the time, I developed quite the grudge against that damn puppet.  Which is why I am so excited to bring you the recipe of the week this week!

It’s lamb!!

Besides being tender and juicy when cooked properly, it is also a safe bet when looking for grass fed meat when at restaurants.  This is because lamb will only eat grass instead of grain.  This helps keep the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio in check.  This is crucial for us to remain healthy while having a western diet.  Many meats and foods we are exposed to are processed or inflammatory due to what they are fed or how they are prepared.  We eat foods that are typically high in omega 6 fatty acids and are experiencing a health crisis because of it.  Instead of a 1:1 omega 3 to omega 6 ratio in the blood, it is closer to 1:20.  This causes inflammation to build up in our bodies and takes us further from homeostasis and into danger of chronic lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.  So do yourself a favor, stick to the foods that will help boost your omega 3s and keep your omega 6s in check.  And if it happens to be lamb, enjoy it with the knowledge that at least it doesn’t come with a side of annoying songs.


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