Limit Back Pain and Improve Performance

Video by Dr. Justin Thompson


Limit Back Pain and Improve Performance with this exercise!

When it comes to back pain, it often is intertwined with overall functional movement. Pain is multi-faceted with one of the components being functional movement. Sub-optimal movement can cause pain and vice versa. The current exercise catalog for back pain is quite extensive. There are a few exercises that are common across the country in clinics though. Those are the “McGill Big 3” which includes the bird dog, side bridge and the topic of this video, the modified curl up! These exercises all work to improve stability and strength of the spine which will lead to less pain! The research article linked below tested basketball player’s functional movement screens and 3-point shooting ability before and after going through a McGill Big 3 regime. The study found that the players functional movement scores and 3-point shooting ability significantly improved! Although this video is just about one of these 3 exercises, studies such as this show the wide range of benefits from implementing them. This exercise is great for improving core strength and spinal stability which will lead to better movement, which will lead to less pain. Movement matters and finding exercises that have research showing the benefits is essential when game planning for rehab. That is why all our rehab programs and care plans are evidence based. If you or a friend are interested in more research backed rehab options, give us a call, or come check out the clinic. We are here to help you not only get out of pain but perform better!



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