Chiropractors Tips to Manage Stress

Shared by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

Chiropractors Tips to Manage Stress

As a Chiropractor, I’m always looking for tips to help my patients stay out of pain by managing their stress. Meditation is one way that usually comes to mind. So why is meditation such an essential tool for managing stress? Well, the good thing about it, is it’s free! Meditation doesn’t have to be something where you are sitting in one spot with your eyes closed just breathing although breathing does play a big role in it. You can be doing other activities such as walking, running, exercising, and even listening to a podcast talk but just something where it’s just you. Meditation allows us to not focus on something or even someone else. It just allows you to tune into yourself and allows us to release all the thoughts that are flowing through our head. Meditation has been shown to decrease the psychological and physiological effects in many things such as anxiety and depression. Imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have any stresses or thoughts that made us feel overwhelmed and filled with anxiety? Well, we can but it’s up to each of us to have that thought process that our thoughts will not get the best of us. This is why a form of meditation is so important. Here is a quote that I liked a lot from the research about meditation and the effects it has on physiological and psychological changes.

“Three major self-regulatory strategies meditation, relaxation, and biofeedback-are currently used in clinical practice for the treatment of anxiety. Research suggests that all three play a role in reducing both physiological and psychological components of anxiety in normal populations and that the latter two techniques are effective in anxious populations, although with variable efficacy.”

Remember to always take time during the day to have some reflection but also to just decompress and be in the moment. Worrying about something we cannot control is a waste of energy and time, so fill your head with positive thoughts, remember to always stay moving, eat healthy, and to live a happy life!



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