Meditating to Manage Stress

Shared by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

Meditating to Manage Stress

            One of the things that people struggle with the most is self-care and managing stress. In today’s world, somebody is trying to make somebody else happy or do the “right thing” for them instead of themselves. As a Chiropractor, I have seen this daily from patients and heard many stories and situations where they could easily say no and do what’s best for them. Stress comes in many ways. It could come from finance, work, life, relationships… the list goes on. It has a huge impact on our daily lifestyle physically, mentally, and emotionally. But, when stress comes on for you do you ever just try and sit and breathe to help recenter you? Or do you just plow right through it and tell yourself “Get over it.” All of us at some point in the past has just told ourselves to get over it, but what we really need to do is sit down and breathe through it. Allow ourselves to analyze what’s going on and be able to help us gain focus again so we can have a sense of clarity for whatever it is that we need to clear up. Meditation is one of the best things for you to do because it not only resets us, it also gives us a time to be thankful and have gratitude for what we have in life. Start being thankful and giving yourself some gratitude and self-love to be able to get you through these tough times you may be experiencing. It’s very easy to get trapped in today’s world, but you don’t have to make that choice. You can choose whether you want to be happy. Change your thoughts to positive thoughts while you’re meditating, and you will see the peaceful feeling you’ll have afterwards. Here is a good quote from the research paper talking about the benefits of meditation and the effects it has physiologically and psychologically.

“Three major self-regulatory strategies meditation, relaxation, and biofeedback-are currently used in clinical practice for the treatment of anxiety. Research suggests that all three play a role in reducing both physiological and psychological components of anxiety in normal populations and that the latter two techniques are effective in anxious populations, although with variable efficacy.”



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