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Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile

Mental Health

Eating Together for Our Mental Health

We eat because it tastes good, and when done with healthy intent, it gives us valuable nutrients to fuel us through life. When, where and with who we eat also impacts our health. Research is showing that eating with friends and family positively impacts our mental health. This study attached below found that “frequent family meals are inversely associated with disordered eating, alcohol and substance use, violent behavior, and feelings of depression or thoughts of suicide in adolescents. There is a positive relationship between frequent family meals and increased self-esteem and school success.”

With mental health disorders on the rise, it is important that we do everything we can to promote positive environments for children, young people.

“Psychosocial dysfunction has become widely acknowledged as the most common chronic condition among children and adolescents”.

Simply planning family meals can increase a healthy family environment. This can be due to several reasons. It may serve as a place of stability and connectedness. Not only do we eat at the table but we talk too. Issues or struggles that were encountered during the day can be talked about and coped with. Fun stories and laughter can also be shared. Family rituals and routines may offer consistency and act as a means of checking in with family members which can become a platform for learning and teaching about healthy food, healthy behaviors, and healthy attitudes.

This is precisely why we teach our patients how to eat better, move better and think better. These three areas of health lead our bodies to a state of wellness and homeostasis. Give thanks, eat healthy food with people you love, exercise, and keep your spine moving with regular chiropractic adjustments.


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Our Message

When you are looking for a Chiropractor near you, choose one who will not only get rid of your back pain, neck pain, or headaches but who will also guide you to living a healthier lifestyle to keep you out of pain. Choosing a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the best way eat healthy to avoid disease. That’s what we teach our patients in Dallas, at the corner of Mockingbird Ln. and Abrams Rd., the Mental Health Benefits of Eating Meals Together! Our Chiropractors know how to get you out of pain through better movement AND making sure you are getting the proper nutrients.