“Movement is life!” In order to be truly healthy, it is essential to our body and our DNA that we get enough movement and brisk exercise to reach homeostasis and truly be healthy. At Texas Chiro Health we provide all of our patients with the best research showing how important movement is to our health and happiness. We help our patients understand the importance and develop the habits of daily movement in accordance with what humans require to live their healthiest life.
Reduce Neck and Back Pain

Reduce Neck and Back Pain with a Posture Reset

Reduce Neck and Back Pain Video by Dr. John Wertish Shoulder range of motion and back strength is essential to reduce back and neck pain. Poor posture can lead to improper alignment of joints and can impact muscle compensation. This compensation can lead to pain by changing

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Hip Activation for Back Pain

Hip Activation Exercise for Low Back Pain

Hip Activation for Back Pain Video by Dr. Trenton Yeomans Our hips are important for our body because they help absorb a lot of the load of our spine and from daily activities such as walking. Now that we sit down more than ever, it becomes increasingly

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Avoid Chronic Back Pain

Strengthen with Planks to Avoid Chronic Back Pain

Avoid Chronic Back Pain Video by Dr. John Wertish Chronic back pain is defined as back pain past 12 weeks (about 3 months). Chiropractic care is practice that restores spinal motion to allow Hilton’s Law to apply in decreasing pain and overall joint health. Back pain has

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Move Well January 1, 2021