“Movement is life!” In order to be truly healthy, it is essential to our body and our DNA that we get enough movement and brisk exercise to reach homeostasis and truly be healthy. At Texas Chiro Health we provide all of our patients with the best research showing how important movement is to our health and happiness. We help our patients understand the importance and develop the habits of daily movement in accordance with what humans require to live their healthiest life.
Decrease Mid Back Pain

Increase Range of Motion and Decrease Mid Back Pain

Decrease Shoulder Pain Video by Dr. Trenton Yeomans The kinetic chain is something you will hear our Doctors in East Dallas mention when they are talking about movement and the way your body works while dealing with shoulder pain. The kinetic chain is a system made up

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Exercise to Decrease Cancer Risk

Chiropractor Reviews the Research on Exercise to Decrease Your Risk of Cancer

East Dallas Chiropractor Best Practices Research Commentary; Exercise to Decrease Cancer Risk A review of Orange, Samuel T., et al. “Acute aerobic exercise‐conditioned serum reduces colon cancer cell proliferation in vitro through interleukin‐6‐induced regulation of DNA damage.” International Journal of Cancer 151.2 (2022): 265-274. Reviewed By Dr. Bryan Stephens

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Hip Mobility and Low Back Pain

The Link Between Hip Mobility and Low Back Pain

Hip Mobility and Low Back Pain Video by Dr. Antonio Flaquer One of the biggest issue I see in my East Dallas patients with low back pain is that they have poor hip mobility. As we get older all of our muscles can become tighter if we

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Upper Back Pain Relief

Find Relief for Upper Back Pain with This Exercise

Upper Back Pain Relief Video by Dr. Justin Thompson Are you constantly battling upper back pain and searching for effective ways to find relief? Our Chiropractors in East Dallas recommend the “barrel stretch”, a targeted exercise that can significantly reduce discomfort in the upper back. If we

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Chiropractic for Balance

Review the Research on Chiropractic for Better Balance

Dallas Chiropractor Best Practices; Research Commentary Chiropractic for Balance A review of Kelly R. Holt, Heidi Haavik, Arier Chi Lun Lee, Bernadette Murphy, C. Raina Elley, Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care to Improve Sensorimotor Function Associated With Falls Risk in Older People: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Journal of

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Decrease Joint Pain

Simple Movement to Decrease Joint Pain

Decrease Joint Pain Video by Dr. Trenton Yeomans As I tell my Chiropractic patients in East Dallas, it is good to have a routine that allows you to small bouts of movement throughout the day to help decrease pain and increase function of the muscles of your

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Move Well January 1, 2021