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Omega 3’s for Healthy Genes!

Video by Dr. Chris Phillips

Omega 3’s and Proper Gene Expression 

In this video we are going to dig into the research done by Sampath and Ntambi regarding polyunsaturated fatty acids and how they are effecting the expression of our genes.  Yea, our genetic code, the very DNA that makes up our cells and determines our health is controlled in part by what we put in our body.  What they are looking at here is the difference in Omega-6 fatty acids vs. Omega-3 fatty acids.  We know that both come from our diet and cannot be made by our body which makes them essential nutrients by definition.  Also, we need both of these fats in our bodies.  The problem comes with how much of each do we need for optimal health and gene expression.  What this research shows us is that the standard American is way off when it comes to the right ratio.  Currently, on average, we have a 1 Omega-3 to 20 Omega-6 ratio.  It should be 1-1 at most 1-2.  So what we need to do is lower our Omega-6 intake and increase our Omega-3 intake.  This means eating more quality meats and fish, nuts and seed, fruits and vegetables.  Also we need to cut out junk food, limit grains, and stop using vegetable oils like canola and sunflower.  These things are packed with Omega-6’s.  The changes are simple once you start to understand why it is so important and pay attention to what you are eating.  I hope you enjoy the video and the information and I challenge you to swing by the office and grab some more info and some high quality Omega-3’s. As always, thank you for watching the 12 Minutes To Health.  Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram, Email or just give us a call if you have any questions.