Reduce Knee Pain

Video by Dr. Justin Thompson

Although chiropractors specialize in treatment of the spine, that does not mean that is all we treat! We see extremity injuries and pains frequently. One of the more common complaints is knee pain! With multiple muscles above and below this joint, it can be difficult to pinpoint the main underlying contributor. This video breaks down one exercise that is commonly used to help reduce knee pain. Anterior Tibialis raises are simple and all you need is a wall! These easy to do exercises are worth a shot if you are working through knee issues.

There needs to be further research analyzing knee pain treatment and rehab of individual muscles crossing the knee joint. This further displays that there is always multiple things contributing to the pain. One article however did look at the influence of exercises on knee pain during the rehab process. This article focused on multiple muscles crossing the joint and found that the exercise groups had a significant reduction in knee pain! Movement is what our body needs!

Give this exercise a shot and let us know if you want to learn further modifications! As always, pain and injuries are multi-faceted. This means there is multiple underlying causes that caused the issue. If you want help uncovering all these causes, do not hesitate to reach out! All of the doctors on the Chiro Health team know that there is always multiple reasons our bodies’ fall out of homeostasis.


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