Low Back Pain Exercise

Video shared by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

Wall Squat Exercise for Low Back Pain

One of the common things we see in the office is low back pain. Almost every patient that comes into the office with low back pain are suffering from the same thing which is inactivation of muscles. I’ve heard many things to try and take care of the pain and the most common one I’ve heard is “I tried stretching it out and that didn’t help or made it worse.” What people don’t realize is that stretching an injured muscle actually makes things worse and prolongs the healing process. The example I use for patients is imagining a rubber band stretched out to it’s max. Two things can happen to that rubber band. It will snap/tear, and it will not be able to bounce back to it’s original size. The same is true with muscles. When a muscle is injured it is stretched out to it’s max or it has torn due to overload and so when people try and stretch that out, that causes more damage to the muscle causing the healing process to prolong. Strengthening is going to be your answer that you are looking for. You can avoid so many things such as surgery on disc or meniscus issues just by loading the joint by adding some resistance. The reason why this is a safer approach is because when you load the joint (strength training exercises) you are promoting stability for not only the muscle, but the joint that muscle attaches to. This is why a lot of people end up getting surgery because they believe when they injure themselves, they stop being active and just stretch and wonder why it’s taking so long to get back to 100%, which is why most people turn to surgery because they believe there is no other answer. Strengthening your hamstrings and glutes won’t take care of your low back pain completely. It’s just a start to allow you to become strong enough to focus on the real issue which is motion within the joint that muscle is attaching to. You’ll quickly realize that the body acts as a whole, so when you have an issue in one place it could be stemming from another. So, get checked out if you’re having pain, that way you can get back to being active and living your life the way you should live it.


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