Reduce Sinus Flare Up’s

Caused by Inflammation

Video by Dr. Antonio Flaquer

As we move into the spring and summer season one of the most common things I am starting to see in the clinic is sniffles and sinus flaring up. Sinuses are annoying to deal with already. I have patients who continuously take OTC (over the counter) allergy medications to help mask their symptoms. The only thing with this, is they are noticing they are very tired and feel fatigued all the time and that’s because of the drowsy feeling allergy medication has on our bodies. I simply ask them “what’s your diet been like in the past couple of days?” A lot of them have a decent diet but still have a lot of foods they are unaware of that is very inflammatory on the body. Diet is key to helping reduce sinus flare up’s. So, “allergy season” is more so what are you putting into your body season so you can fight off the inflammatory processes that are happening in your body. This is why I make sure they are all taking their probiotics to help fight off the inflammation within their bodies. A chemical in our body called histamine is released when we have high amounts inflammatory processes within our gut. If our gut is not fighting off those inflammatory processes then not only will we have sinuses flaring up, we’ll also be more likely to get sick and catch a cold because the immune system is not functioning the way it should be. When sinuses start flaring up our bodies go into a defense mechanism meaning your muscles start guarding which causes your joints to become stiff, hence why you should always maintain your adjustments and always continue to move and stretch while being sick or when sinuses flare up. Getting adjusted is a big part of lowering the severity of your sinuses but something you should do at home is make sure you’re putting the right nutrition into your diet. Here is some information about the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment on somebody with sinusitis.


“This case report has discussed the chiropractic care of a child who presented with sinusitis, constipation and sore throat. Symptoms were improved following a total of 12 chiropractic visits and were correlated with reduction of vertebral subluxation.”


  • Handful of organic frozen spinach
  • Handful of organic blueberries
  • Handful of organic pineapples
  • 2 capsules of Omega A-D
  • 1 capsule of probiotics



Alcantara, J., & Mayer, D. M. (2008). The successful chiropractic care of pediatric patients with chronic constipation: A case series and Selective Review of the literature. Clinical Chiropractic, 11(3), 138–147.


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