Reduce Stress with a Support Group

Shared by Dr. John Wertish
Reduce Stress with a Support Group

High stress level can lead to an increase in pain levels and a decrease in quality of life. Research has shown that thinking well can help our body heal and fight disease. The human body can experience physical pain with high levels of stress by impacting cortisol levels and stressing the nerves system. The Chiropractors of Texas Chiro Health of Lakewood, in East Dallas, focus on eliminating pain. We need a toolbox of stress reducing techniques to help combat the negative impacts of chronic stress. Acute stress can be generally beneficial for our bodies, chronic stress stimulates our endocrine system. When we are under stress it is easy to focus on our negative thoughts. Having a support group helps us change perspectives by reflecting on all the positive aspects of life. Regardless of the type of support group, participants report many of the same perceived benefits from participation: Fostering hope; Learning about the issue that brings them to the support group; Learning coping strategies;  Overcoming isolation; Building social and support networks; Learning from successful role models;  Feeling more in control over the situation  Overcoming stigma; Learning about the services available and being able to advocate more effectively.  If you are feeling stressed join a support group or give a friend or family member a call.

Here are some quotes from the research on support groups.

“Across many types of support groups, there is a strong, scientifically rigorous evidence base for the effectiveness of support groups in providing positive improvements to wellbeing and the recovery of participants. Outcomes include reduced symptoms, substance abuse, number of crises, hospitalizations and use of services, as well as improved social competence and social networks, increased healthy behaviors and perceptions of wellbeing.  “


Worrall, Hugh; Schweizer, Richard; Marks, Ellen; Yuan, Lin; Lloyd, Chris; and Ramjan, Rob, “The effectiveness of support groups: a literature review” (2018). Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health – Papers: part A. 5441.

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