Reduce Stress with Sauna

Shared by Dr. John Wertish

Reduce Stress with Sauna

High stress level can lead to an increase in pain levels and a decrease in quality of life. The Chiropractors of Minnesota Chiro Health of West End focus on eliminating pain. We need a toolbox of stress reducing techniques to help combat the negative impacts of chronic stress. Acute stress can be generally beneficial for our bodies, chronic stress stimulates our endocrine system and can release hormones like cortisol that can lead to disease and pain. Getting in the sauna is one of my favorite ways to reduce stress. It’s heat exposure has many benefits and can be used to sit in silence to meditate, reflect, or pray. The heat exposure increases your cardiovascular output that acts as a moderate workout for your cardiovascular system. This impacts your metabolism and hormones. Next time you are feeling stressed, take 30 minutes to enjoy some heat and sit in a sauna.

Here are some quotes from the research on sauna bathing.

“Moreover, acute sauna bathing (~30 min) has been shown to improve the endothelial function via nitric oxide release and a subsequent increase in vasodilation, detailed further below. Collectively, these responses are described as an exercise mimetic, producing physiological changes similar to those of a moderate-to-vigorous-intensity workout and have led to the implementation of sauna bathing as an alternative therapy to exercise for individuals too impaired to regularly move “

“Mechanistically, a single session of sauna bathing challenges several enzymes, proteins, and pathways which synergistically work to improve the overall cardiometabolic health.”



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