Relieve Mid Back Pain

Video by Dr. Anthony Vasile

Dr. Anthony’s Open Book to Relieve Mid Back Pain

Many patients that come into the clinic have a tight, sore or painful mid back. This can be caused by inflammation, muscle imbalance, or trauma. As we go through life our everyday decisions impact our physical experience. Daily posture from sleeping, to driving, to sitting at work can cause us to develop compensations where muscles can be overused or underused resulting in poor biomechanics, inflammation and pain.

Thoracic spine pain (TSP) is very common amongst healthy children, adolescents and adults. This can be from many factors including posture, cell phone/tablet use, carrying a backpack and muscle imbalances. I have attached a research article explaining the prevalence and some of the most common causes of thoracic spine pain.

“In children and adolescents, TSP was associated with female gender, postural changes associated with backpack use, backpack weight, other musculoskeletal symptoms, participation in specific sports, chair height at school, and difficulty with homework, while poorer mental health and age transition from early to late adolescence were significant risk factors for TSP.”

“The information presented in this systematic review confirms a relatively high prevalence of TSP in the general population and substantiate the view that TSP is a discrete and important clinical condition.”

I want to share an exercise that can help stretch muscles of the low back that tend to be overused and tight. It is called the open book. It is meant to help improve thoracic rotation and mobility. It will stretch muscles of the low back, mid back and shoulders which can give some relief. It is important to note that chiropractic adjustments along with exercises like this can create even more mobility and reduction of inflammation which is the root cause of most pain.

Remember, moving well is just one of the factors that keeps us in a state of homeostasis. It is vital to continue to eat a healthy diet and manage our stress so we can live pain free healthy lives.


Briggs, A.M., Smith, A.J., Straker, L.M. et al. Thoracic spine pain in the general population: Prevalence, incidence and associated factors in children, adolescents and adults. A systematic review. BMC Musculoskelet Disord 10, 77 (2009).

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