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Singing Bowl for Health

Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile

Singing Bowl


I think a lot. Sometimes I tend to overthink and it can be hard to turn off. I have tried several types of breathing exercises and meditation practices. Some work better than others for me. Recently I purchased a Tibetan singing bowl. This thing really intrigued me. It is handmade and gorgeous looking. Not only does it take some skill and practice to play but it draws me in. It shuts my mind off and I just sit relaxed focusing on the many different beautiful sounds that come from it. I have been doing this some evenings before I go to sleep and it has been helping a lot to settle my mind.

As with most things I do I want to learn more about it. So, I did some research to see if there were any health benefits found with listening to singing bowls. Turns out there is and I wanted to share some of the findings. This research article was an observational study that looked to see if singing bowls affected mood, tension and overall well-being. One stat that caught my attention was with individuals in the age group 20 to 39 years displayed the largest change in tension, followed by those in the age group 40 to 59 years. This was interesting to me because I am 30 which means that I would fall in the group that the singing bowl made its biggest impact.

In summary, this observational study found significant beneficial effects of Tibetan singing bowl meditations on a number of markers related to well-being. Future randomized control trials are warranted to further examine the effects of these meditations on mood, well-being, and physical pain. In addition, future research could explore the meditation’s effects on various age groups in more depth.

Thinking well is just one of the factors that affects our ability to achieve homeostasis. I encourage you to try different types of meditation practices because everyone responds differently. If you try a singing bowl let me know your experience. Lastly, remember to keep your spine healthy and moving by getting adjusted.

Reference Article:

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