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How Socio-Economic Status Effects Your Health

Video By Dr. Chris Phillips

Socio-Economic Status, and its Effects on Cortisol, and Allostatic Load

This review of the literature was done by Jennifer B. Dowd, Amanda M. Simanek and Allison E. Aiello.  In this review the authors wanted to understand the relationship between a person’s socio-economic status, their cortisol levels and their allostatic load to see the effects on their overall health.  We know that stress raises cortisol and that long term cortisol leads to health issues.  Part of the reason for this is a raise in the overall allostatic load (wear and tear on the body and its systems).  We also understand that a decrease in socio-economic status leads to an increase in morbidity and mortality.  The reason for the study is to understand the mechanism through which this happens.  Is it due to cortisol or allostatic load.  What you will find out in the video is that cortisol may or may not be the culprit according to the available research.  This is because not everyone with a decreased socio-economic status is stressed because of it.  Some are more resilient and that’s why the results can be all over the place when only looking at cortisol.  Allostatic load is more all-inclusive of not just stress but also exercise and diet.  An increase in allostatic load over time can also lead to chronic disease due to inflammation from lifestyle choices.  But even here, if a person puts their health first over other things this can be overcome.  In the situation of low socio-economic status, it can be more difficult to put your health first and this could be what’s leading to the increase in morbidity and mortality.  Take a look at the video and let us know what you think.  Our Chiropractors located near the corner of Mockingbird Ln. and Abrams Rd. are here to help educate our patients on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Any questions or comments you may have please feel free to reach out.  Enjoy the 12 Minutes To Health!!