Overhead Squat for Low Back Pain

Video by Dr. Erik Waldeland

Overhead Squat for Low Back Pain

The overhead squat is both a diagnostic/functional movement test as well as a rehabilitative exercise that we use frequently in the Chiro Health clinics.  We utilize this movement to not only assess the patients squat form, but the overhead aspect allows us to also assess thoracic mobility as well as overall core function.  The attached research found that the overhead squat promotes the most core activation of all squat techniques. This helps us break down each patient’s movement patterns to see what exactly the cause is of each individual’s spinal dysfunction that is creating the root of their pain.  With our spinal health assessment, we can not only see how the joints of the body are functioning and if there is sufficient movement of the body, but we also dive into what each patient is eating and how we they manage stress to determine which aspect of their life needs the most attention when getting back on the road to wellness.


“The overhead squat revealed the highest percent muscle activity, where EO (p = 0.009) and ES (p = 0.03) showed the greatest activity.”

“Activity increases with the difficulty of the squat by frontal or overhead loading, but not by standing on the forefoot.”


Proper muscle activation and core engagement is part of the foundation we like to set for every individual to ensure that the root of the problem has been addressed.  It is far too common in todays society that we sit too much and do not exercise enough, leading to a vast majority of peoples ongoing pain.



Roth, Ralf, et al. “Trunk Muscle Activity during Different Types of Low Weighted Squat Exercises in Normal and Forefoot Standing Conditions.” Journal of Sports Sciences, vol. 38, no. 24, 2020, pp. 2774–2781., https://doi.org/10.1080/02640414.2020.1800358.

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