Stay Healthy with Green Smoothies

Video by Dr. Erik Waldeland

We always recommend getting as many vitamins and minerals in the diet daily as possible to stay healthy and out of pain.  But, as previously mentioned in our videos and articles, there are gaps in most people’s diets that requires us to use things like essential nutrients and green drinks to fill those gaps.  The recipes highlighted in the attached videos uses dates and their unique nutrient profiles provides many different benefits that we may be lacking in our day-to-day meals.  Dates, renowned for their natural sweetness and nutritional value, serve as an excellent dietary source of magnesium. Magnesium, as highlighted by the study cited below, plays a pivotal role in enzymatic reactions, energy production, and muscle function. Regular consumption of magnesium-rich dates can contribute to the maintenance of proper nerve function, muscle contraction, and a healthy heart rhythm, thereby enhancing overall well-being and potentially lowering the risk of chronic diseases associated with magnesium deficiency.

“Level I evidence supports the use of magnesium in the prevention and treatment of many common health conditions including migraine headache, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, asthma, premenstrual syndrome, preeclampsia, and various cardiac arrhythmias.”

“In clinical practice, optimizing magnesium status through diet and supplementation appears to be a safe, useful, and well-documented therapy for several medical conditions.”

When it comes to how we approach pain, our Chiro Health clinics always address the foods and nutrients that our patients consume for this exact reason.  We need to ensure the body has the ability to health from the inside out, because this is important for not only getting out of pain but staying out of pain.

• 1 large banana
• 1 1/2 cups vanilla almond milk, unsweetened
• 3–4 Medjool dates, pitted and chopped
• 2 cups spinach


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