Strengthen to Reduce Low Back Pain

Dr. Erik Waldeland

The Superman exercise is a bodyweight exercise that targets the muscles in your back, glutes, and hamstrings. It is a great way to strengthen your core, improve posture, and reduce the risk of injury causing low back pain. In the clinic, we find that a majority of our low back cases revolve around weakness or muscle imbalance in the core or glutes.  If we can help our patients properly engage their muscles and use proper technique and posture with lifting or daily activity, then we can get our patients back on the road to wellness much faster and keep them out of pain for the long run.  Below are findings from McGill that highlight the importance proper low back strength can have for injury prevention.


“Performing the Superman exercise can improve lower back muscle endurance and increase core strength.”

“The Superman exercise can also improve your posture. Good posture is important for reducing the risk of back and neck pain and can also help improve your overall appearance and confidence.”


When someone experiences back pain, it may be their last thought to address things like core strength.  Our goal with every patient we see in the clinic is to first get them out of pain, but after we achieve that we need to educate and show the patient how to STAY out of pain.  This is done by addressing dietary habits, movement habits, and stress management habits.



McGill, S. M., et al. “Effects of a 10-month sports training intervention on lumbar-extensor musculature in male adolescent athletes.” Journal of sports sciences 20.10 (2002): 787-796.


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