Avoid Chronic Back Pain

Video by Dr. John Wertish

Chronic back pain is defined as back pain past 12 weeks (about 3 months). Chiropractic care is practice that restores spinal motion to allow Hilton’s Law to apply in decreasing pain and overall joint health. Back pain has been rising over the years and our lifestyle has become more sedentary. Joint mobility is influenced by the strength of the surrounding tissue. Core strength stabilizes the low back and can help create the proper motion. The first group of muscles is composed of the deep core muscles, which are also called local stabilizing muscles. These muscles primarily include the transversus abdominis, lumbar multifidus, internal oblique muscle and quadratus lumborum. The second group of muscles comprises the shallow core muscles, which are also known as global stabilizing muscles, including the rectus abdominis, internal and external oblique muscles, erector spinae, quadratus lumborum, and hip muscle groups. The plank helps activate and strengthen all of these muscle groups. We want to hold the plank for 30 seconds. Depending on your pain and strength level, the time limit can change. Our end goal is to hold a 2-minute plank with no pain. Try this exercise out to assess your core strength and help with back pain.

Below is a quote from research on core strength and back pain.

“All of the core strength training strategies examined in this study assist in the alleviation of chronic low back pain; however, we recommend focusing on training the deep trunk muscles to alleviate chronic low back pain.”


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