As a species human being require social interaction and a positive state of mind to truly be healthy. The research is clear that stress is literally killing us. At Texas Chiro Health, we provide all of our patients with the most current research and techniques to help them manage stress and truly be healthy. Without a positive outlook and management of life’s stresses a person cannot truly be healthy. Thinking well is as important to our health as nutrition and exercise and is essential for all healthy human beings.
Nature and Your Health

How Nature Can Improve Your Mental Health

Nature and Your Health Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile I love spending time outside and in nature. Ever since I was little that has been a big part of my life. I grew up making shelters in the woods, exploring mountain streams, climbing trees, and taking hikes

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Breath and Your Brain

Your Breathing Can Help Your Brain Health

Breath and Your Brain Shared by Dr. Bryan Stephens   I talk to patients on a daily basis on how stress affects our health and tension.  As stress goes up, hormones such as cortisol are elevated and put us into a fight or flight state.  While this

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Relieve Stress and Tight Muscles

Calm Your Mind and Soothe Sore Muscles

Epsom Salt Bath to Relieve Stress and Tight Muscles Shared by Dr. Anthony Vasile   I have a lot of patients that ask me what they can do to help relieve pain and tight muscles when they are at home. I will recommend ice and certain stretches.

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overall health

How Stress Impacts Our Overall Health

 Stress and It’s Impact on Our Overall Health Video Review By Dr. Chris Phillips Does stress really have a negative impact on your health?  What kind of stress impacts us most?  How do we manage the health effects of stress? These are the questions that I not

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Avoid Depression

7 Tips to Improve Your Health and Avoid Depression

How to Improve Your Health and Avoid Depression Shared by Dr. Travis Downs Avoid Depression “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” A great quote by Wayne Dyer about how to stay positive and keep any negative thoughts and depression

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Think Well January 1, 2021