As a species human being require social interaction and a positive state of mind to truly be healthy. The research is clear that stress is literally killing us. At Texas Chiro Health, we provide all of our patients with the most current research and techniques to help them manage stress and truly be healthy. Without a positive outlook and management of life’s stresses a person cannot truly be healthy. Thinking well is as important to our health as nutrition and exercise and is essential for all healthy human beings.
Being Present to Lower Stress

Manage Pain and Lower Stress by Being More Present

Being Present to Lower Stress Shared by Dr. Bryan Stephens Being present is something I have been working on with my daughter.  I have noticed increased feelings of stress and anxiety with her as well as she is quick to sadness when thinking on the past.  I

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Manage Stress with Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular Exercise to Manage Stress and Reduce Pain

Manage Stress with Cardiovascular Exercises Shared by Dr. Antonio Flaquer Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and it’s something we have to make sure we’re maintaining. How can we manage our cardiovascular system and maintain a healthy lifestyle meaning not so stressed? Well, there

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Breathing to Relieve Stress

Stress Relief Through Breathing

Breathing to Relieve Stress Shared by Dr. Erik Waldeland We have all been told at some point in time to take a deep breath to relieve stress when overwhelmed, but does the research support this tactic if we are looking to calm down?  Of course! There is

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Think Well January 1, 2021