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Vitamin D to Prevent Acute Respiratory Tract Infection

Supplementing Vitamin D3 is ESSENTIAL!

Video by Dr. Chris Phillips


The research is absolutely clear on the fact that most of the world is deficient in Vitamin D3 and it is a detriment to our health. I did this review for a couple of reasons.  This peer reviewed research piece looks at Vitamin D and the best form, amount and method of intake, and also appropriate blood levels to see benefit when looking at the effect Vitamin D has the prevention of acute respiratory tract infections (ARI).  It talks about how we need to supplement Vitamin D3 not Vitamin D2.  Vitamin D2 is actually a synthetic.  It does not occur naturally and was lab created to help with a symptom of thyroid disease.  Our body really doesn’t even use Vitamin D2 and it needs to be converted to Vitamin D3 and most is lost in the process making its effects minimal at best.  When we supplement Vitamin D3 we have to do it in small amounts every day and not in one large, or bolus dose if we want to raise the levels in our blood and have any kind of benefit.  And lastly it gives us the appropriate amount and blood level we need to prevent the ARI that we are seeing.

Vitamin D3 is Essential!

As you watch this video I will give you all the numbers and facts that you need to reach and maintain a healthy state which we call homeostasis.  At the end of the day, the main takeaway from this video should be to start adding Vitamin D3 to your daily supplementation TODAY!  You get Vitamin D3 from being out in the sun, but this is not enough.  We do not get enough direct sunlight everyday to fulfill our requirement for Vitamin D3.  Clothing, sunscreen, glass windows etc. are all things that prevent us from getting enough VItaminD3.  Watch the video and reach out if you have any questions.

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