Walk to Reduce Back Pain

Video by Dr. Bryan Stephens

At our clinic in East Dallas, our chiropractors talk all the time about the benefits  of daily exercise, like reducing back pain, neck pain, headaches and more! We show our patients how to do many different movements to increase movement and stability throughout the body, but I want to take a different route and explain how easy daily exercise can be.  30 minutes of walking per day.  That’s it.  Get out there and walk with the intention of walking for 30 minutes per day.  That means walking at a pace where you can keep a conversation, but can’t sing a tune.  The amount of benefit you get from that, aside from limiting back pain, can be astounding.ba

Randomized clinical trials and epidemiologic studies consistently support the inverse relationship between moderate exercise training and incidence of [upper respiratory tract infection]”

Nieman, David C., and Laurel M. Wentz. “The compelling link between physical activity and the body’s defense system.” Journal of sport and health science 8.3 (2019): 201-217.

30% of coronary heart disease and stroke was prevented by 2.5 hours of brisk walking (>3 miles/h) each week.”

Booth, Frank W., et al. “Waging war on physical inactivity: using modern molecular ammunition against an ancient enemy.” Journal of applied physiology (2002).

That is just when taking walking alone into account.  When other lifestyle changes are made such as diet and stress management, the changes can be even more impressive. 

80% of all heart disease and over 91% of all diabetes in women could be eliminated if they would adopt a cluster of positive lifestyle practices including maintenance of a healthy body weight (body mass index [BMI] of 19-25 kg/m2); regular physical activity (30 minutes or more on most days); not smoking cigarettes; and following a few, simple nutritional practices such as increasing whole grains and consuming more fruits and vegetables.”

Nurses’ Health Study; Bassuk SS, Manson JE. Lifestyle and risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes in women: a review of the epidemiologic evidence. Am J Lifestyle Med. 2008;2:191-213.

Read that last quote again. 91% of diabetes and 80% of heart disease eliminated!  This is why I focus so much on eating better, moving more, and managing the stress.  The impact it can have on your life and health truly are amazing.

Our Message

We love to help our patients in East Dallas stay healthy. We are here to relieve back pain, neck pain and headaches while also teaching about how our diet and stress effects our over all health. By improving these areas of our lives we can become healthier, stay out of pain and reduce risk of diseases. Our Chiropractors located in Lakewood near, the corner of Mockingbird Ln. and Abrams Rd., will teach you what the research says about  how to stay healthy and out of pain.