Hip Activation for Back Pain

Video by Dr. Trenton Yeomans

Our hips are important for our body because they help absorb a lot of the load of our spine and from daily activities such as walking. Now that we sit down more than ever, it becomes increasingly important that we are working and activating all the muscles that surrounds our hips and low back. Hip activation plays a huge role is decreasing back pain and improving spinal health. The major muscles that surround the hip including the gluteus maximus and medius and our adductor muscles form a support system for the pelvis and spine. When these muscles are properly facilitated and engaged, they help in stabilization and properly distribute loads effectively when doing our daily activities. When these muscles are not engaged properly it can cause an increase load and burden on our lower back causing tightness, inflammation, and pain. In a study done by George et al. They wanted to see what the effect of a multiple techniques in reducing low back pain of pregnant woman vs routine prenatal care. The multiple techniques used were chiropractic care, manual therapy / soft tissue work, patient education and stabilization exercises. They found that on average when compared to routine prenatal care, women of the multiple technique group had 20% improvement in reduction of low back pain. At Texas Chiro Health we know that pain comes from a variety of things, so that’s why we take the time to look what nutrition you are putting in your body, how you are moving, and how you are managing your stress when it comes to helping you get out of pain and keeping the pain away.

“Patients perceived less pain and disability and an overall global improvement in daily activities. Their physical examinations revealed improved range of motion, stability, and less irritation at the lumbar and pelvic joints. Notably, no adverse events were reported in either group.”

“Chiropractic manipulation reduced pain in a retrospective case series of pregnant women. Murphy et al.”


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